How to Create a Free Website for Small Business

Leveraging the power and flexibility of WordPress, it’s lot easier to create your own websites/blog without hiring any designer. Fortunately, WordPress is not as much tough as people consider. Specially when you talk about a website for small business, it’s almost 4 step away from you.

In this tutorial, I will walk you step by step with the process on “How to create free website for small business “. This way you can create your own WP blog or website.

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How to Make Money With a Blog for Beginners [Actionable Guide]

With the revolution of blogging technologies in the market, a new door is opened for people to make money from home via blogging. This guide covers almost every important aspect of monetizing your blogs. It also answers major question in your mind “how to make money with a blog for beginners “.

Blogging is a good way to make money while sitting in your home or office or even relaxing on the beach. I personally know several bloggers, who are making passive income from blogging.

If you are reading this article, then you might be purely interested in exploring a new way to earn money from home. So I will not let you away from the top secret ways of making money blogging.

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How to change Permalinks in WordPress for SEO? A Newbies Guide

If you have a visitor coming to see you at home, you’ll most certainly provide them with the address of your residence so they can reach you easily. In the internet sphere, permalinks are the addresses to web pages– they are the universal resource locator (URL) that direct visitors to a particular site, blog, file or post on the internet. In optimizing your site, you need to create user friendly and SEO inclined permalinks. It is often advised that you do this before adding posts or files to your site so as to avoid breakage of links that redirect visitors to an error 404 page. Here is how you can change permalinks on a new and old WordPress:

On your menu dashboard, click on the settings and select permalinks panel. The better option for SEO which is also user friendly is to change the URL to the name of the file, page or post you intend to give or have given your content. avoid permalinks that are too long. Edit it properly and make sure it’s descriptive.
Save the setting and your permalink can go on to rock and roll.

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Guide to Secure Your Network Router


These days a home without a network feels incomplete. While some homes may have a wired connection, the restrictions it imposes hinder the whole networked experience greatly. Go ahead, grab yourself a wireless router and extend the range of your network, but more importantly secure it enough to avoid freeloaders. It might look like a daunting task, setting up a new router and going through the settings, but it certainly isn’t, provided you understand the most common ways routers are operated. Once you have gotten to the web interface of the router the rest is a piece of cake. Please note that this article contains some very basic steps and it is being assumed that you have already set up the router and you are getting Internet connection through it. Let’s take a look at the steps required to set up a home router’s security and other configurations.

Encrypting the network

Access the admin panel of the router. Many of the admin panels can be accessed by typing 192.1682.1.1 in the address bar in a browser while others can be reached by If it isn’t either of these consult with the documentation of the router which is most likely to have the address. Once you see the login page input the credentials (you can find these in the documentation too) and you’ll be taken to the control panel. Here you open up the security tab and set a password for your network. It will help you steer clear of freeloaders and provide network only to trusted personnel.

Update the default settings

As many of the default settings are public knowledge, make sure to change them as soon as you get the chance to. Many attackers will try to intrude your network by first trying with the default settings. Two of the most important and commonly attacked things are the router login credentials and the IP address settings. Most of the routers commonly come with the credentials “admin” and “admin” change them as soon as possible to avoid unauthorized access. Secondly change the access IP of the router. As discussed most routers are commonly accessed by or you can change it to anything, for instance or This is done in order to safeguard from a variety of attacks.

Update the firmware

Every once in a while every manufacturer rolls out new firmware updates for their routers. Now what updating does is that it improves the security and performance of the router. While some routers can be upgraded in just some clicks others require rather intricate and elaborate processes. You need to be very careful for you might render it non-functional.

Disable remote access and all related features

While most of the routers are accessible over the Internet, it renders them susceptible to attacks. Even though the intended use is to provide the users with the ability to access their routers over the Internet using FTP, this capability has proven to be a good tool for most attackers. So turn off all these features and turn off UPnP features. It will prevent any UPnP device to alter the device settings.

Equipment Needed for Aerial Photography

The dynamics of our beautiful world changes daily at light speed, same does our inconstant ways of life. we owe gratitude to advancement in technologic innovations. These advancements we must appreciate, cut across a broad range of spectrum and disciplines, with aerial photography not anywhere in the least. until recently, the definition of Aerial photography has been limited in border of coverage.  It primarily involved dimensional photographs and motion pictures taken from aircraft and satellites in flight.

The commercialization of drone has however brought a no phase to the idea of aerial photography. Alluring and activating scenes with angles of mind-blowing dimensions can now be taken just with a drone like the air camera drone. Walker qr w100 quadcopter, The wings land s6 is going to be released in Christmas. Movie productions and photography have all known sporadic increment in worth. It’s all courtesy of the rate of high-quality pictures they now produce with awe-inspiring dimensions.


monitoring large expanse of borders for security parastatal has not been any easier, for many, with commercial drones sold within the range of a thousand dollar helmeted with easy-to-use operational tools, quality camera captures can be relayed to the right channels for keen monitoring and deductions. extensions distant from monitored perimeters an also be actively captured without stress. Although three forms of aerial photography exist, our focus in this article if the oblique form of aerial photography.

What is Oblique Aerial Photography?

Oblique photography is known for neither horizontal or vertical from the object. This is noteworthy taking photographs from a higher angle like a slope. Oblique aerial photography is also of two types – the high angle and low angle. roughly speaking, high angle oblique aerial photography is where the resulting image shows the apparent horizon. low angle oblique aerial photographs do show the real horizon.

When is the best Time of the Year to use oblique Aerial photography?

Mostly people agree on that the whole year is good for oblique area photography. Many people also take winter as the perfect season to shoot oblique photographs. Several people gave opinion that it’s perfect season since the crops are not there and the fields are empty. Snowy and icy environment perfectly emphasizes every contour and features of interest. One can shoot oblique photographs in that balanced light which is not mostly possible in other parts of the year. The low-level of sun rises casts amazingly longer shadows in winter. It does not mean that the warmer months of year are not good for aerial photography. Late evening when sun is disappeared, casts longer shadows too. The morning and afternoon give you variety of light and shadows as well.

Aerial Photography Equipment

Want to venture into aerial photography? You definitely require some equipment to get going. Furthermore you should know that there are relatively few items of aerial equipment or complete systems that are maybe ‘off-the-shelf’. most systems require some degree of customizations. Here is some equipment you may need for the best of work experience:

  • entropic mat (pneumatic or hand-pumped, vehicle/trailer mounted or free-standing)
  • hand-held or tripod-based telescopic poles (wireless or hard-wired still camera or video systems) click here for telescopic pole system Image
  • high-level tripods with guy ropes and stabilizers
  • pan and Tilt unit
  • remote-control systems (wireless or hard-wired)
  • camera remote-control software
  • pan and tilt heads for telescopic masts, pTz, remote heads
  • helicopter camera platform: nose and side mounted and gyro balls. gyro-stabilizations
  • rT/rc systems for video and data transmission
  • helium balloons or blimps with/without hand or motorized winches or helium Airships (motorized, tethered or rT/un-tethered)
  • helium recycling units (mobile special gas compressors)
  • flown wire camera systems
  • small helium balloon
  • rail and mini-track camera systems (linear and vertical)
  • specialized still and video cameras
  • uAvѕ & model helicopters for aerial photography
  • vehicle power inverters (12v – 240v)
  • vehicle modifications for mast or other aerial equipment

The widespread importance of aerial photography is too numerous to mention. ranging from commercial, planning of land-uses, surveillance, environmental studies and movie production. Aerial photography for every curious mind with strong penchant for detailed scenes is without doubt a beyond necessary field of exploration.

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