How to change Permalinks in WordPress for SEO? A Newbies Guide

If you have a visitor coming to see you at home, you’ll most certainly provide them with the address of your residence so they can reach you easily. In the internet sphere, permalinks are the addresses to web pages– they are the universal resource locator (URL) that direct visitors to a particular site, blog, file or post on the internet. In optimizing your site, you need to create user friendly and SEO inclined permalinks. It is often advised that you do this before adding posts or files to your site so as to avoid breakage of links that redirect visitors to an error 404 page. Here is how you can change permalinks on a new and old WordPress:

On your menu dashboard, click on the settings and select permalinks panel. The better option for SEO which is also user friendly is to change the URL to the name of the file, page or post you intend to give or have given your content. avoid permalinks that are too long. Edit it properly and make sure it’s descriptive.
Save the setting and your permalink can go on to rock and roll.

Source: How to change Permalinks in WordPress for SEO? A Newbies Guide

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