How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store Using WordPress


Internet marketers are banking lot of money using affiliate marketing strategies. There are several ways to make money using affiliate marketing approach. Also there are several ways to build affiliate websites. Building a super affiliate website which attracts more visitors hence customers, is a crucial part of this make money strategy.

In this tutorial, you will learn “How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store Using WordPress Yourself”. I will let you go step-by-step with the process until you produce a really high quality website.

Table of Contents

  1. Register a Domain Name
  2. Setting up Web Hosting
  3. Install WordPress on Your Server
  4. Signing up for Amazon Associates
  5. Installing WordPress Template
  6. Installing Necessary Plugins
  7. Configuring WordPress for Amazon Associates
  8. Adding Your First Product

Step-1: Register a Domain Name

Domain registration is a critical part of the website setup. This is the same thing which you normally use to browse your website. So domain name ( should be selected properly before you design your website. When choosing and registering your domain name, consider the following things.

  • Self explanatory
  • Brand-able
  • As much short as possible
  • Attractive

There are several registrars who sell domain names for very cheap rates like $10 to $35 per annum. My favorite registrar is Godaddy, therefore you can surely choose your favorite one. Some registrars even offer a free value added service called Whois Privacy. So it all depends on your needs and budget.

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