Guide to Secure Your Network Router


These days a home without a network feels incomplete. While some homes may have a wired connection, the restrictions it imposes hinder the whole networked experience greatly. Go ahead, grab yourself a wireless router and extend the range of your network, but more importantly secure it enough to avoid freeloaders. It might look like a daunting task, setting up a new router and going through the settings, but it certainly isn’t, provided you understand the most common ways routers are operated. Once you have gotten to the web interface of the router the rest is a piece of cake. Please note that this article contains some very basic steps and it is being assumed that you have already set up the router and you are getting Internet connection through it. Let’s take a look at the steps required to set up a home router’s security and other configurations.

Encrypting the network

Access the admin panel of the router. Many of the admin panels can be accessed by typing 192.1682.1.1 in the address bar in a browser while others can be reached by If it isn’t either of these consult with the documentation of the router which is most likely to have the address. Once you see the login page input the credentials (you can find these in the documentation too) and you’ll be taken to the control panel. Here you open up the security tab and set a password for your network. It will help you steer clear of freeloaders and provide network only to trusted personnel.

Update the default settings

As many of the default settings are public knowledge, make sure to change them as soon as you get the chance to. Many attackers will try to intrude your network by first trying with the default settings. Two of the most important and commonly attacked things are the router login credentials and the IP address settings. Most of the routers commonly come with the credentials “admin” and “admin” change them as soon as possible to avoid unauthorized access. Secondly change the access IP of the router. As discussed most routers are commonly accessed by or you can change it to anything, for instance or This is done in order to safeguard from a variety of attacks.

Update the firmware

Every once in a while every manufacturer rolls out new firmware updates for their routers. Now what updating does is that it improves the security and performance of the router. While some routers can be upgraded in just some clicks others require rather intricate and elaborate processes. You need to be very careful for you might render it non-functional.

Disable remote access and all related features

While most of the routers are accessible over the Internet, it renders them susceptible to attacks. Even though the intended use is to provide the users with the ability to access their routers over the Internet using FTP, this capability has proven to be a good tool for most attackers. So turn off all these features and turn off UPnP features. It will prevent any UPnP device to alter the device settings.


Equipment Needed for Aerial Photography

The dynamics of our beautiful world changes daily at light speed, same does our inconstant ways of life. we owe gratitude to advancement in technologic innovations. These advancements we must appreciate, cut across a broad range of spectrum and disciplines, with aerial photography not anywhere in the least. until recently, the definition of Aerial photography has been limited in border of coverage.  It primarily involved dimensional photographs and motion pictures taken from aircraft and satellites in flight.

The commercialization of drone has however brought a no phase to the idea of aerial photography. Alluring and activating scenes with angles of mind-blowing dimensions can now be taken just with a drone like the air camera drone. Walker qr w100 quadcopter, The wings land s6 is going to be released in Christmas. Movie productions and photography have all known sporadic increment in worth. It’s all courtesy of the rate of high-quality pictures they now produce with awe-inspiring dimensions.


monitoring large expanse of borders for security parastatal has not been any easier, for many, with commercial drones sold within the range of a thousand dollar helmeted with easy-to-use operational tools, quality camera captures can be relayed to the right channels for keen monitoring and deductions. extensions distant from monitored perimeters an also be actively captured without stress. Although three forms of aerial photography exist, our focus in this article if the oblique form of aerial photography.

What is Oblique Aerial Photography?

Oblique photography is known for neither horizontal or vertical from the object. This is noteworthy taking photographs from a higher angle like a slope. Oblique aerial photography is also of two types – the high angle and low angle. roughly speaking, high angle oblique aerial photography is where the resulting image shows the apparent horizon. low angle oblique aerial photographs do show the real horizon.

When is the best Time of the Year to use oblique Aerial photography?

Mostly people agree on that the whole year is good for oblique area photography. Many people also take winter as the perfect season to shoot oblique photographs. Several people gave opinion that it’s perfect season since the crops are not there and the fields are empty. Snowy and icy environment perfectly emphasizes every contour and features of interest. One can shoot oblique photographs in that balanced light which is not mostly possible in other parts of the year. The low-level of sun rises casts amazingly longer shadows in winter. It does not mean that the warmer months of year are not good for aerial photography. Late evening when sun is disappeared, casts longer shadows too. The morning and afternoon give you variety of light and shadows as well.

Aerial Photography Equipment

Want to venture into aerial photography? You definitely require some equipment to get going. Furthermore you should know that there are relatively few items of aerial equipment or complete systems that are maybe ‘off-the-shelf’. most systems require some degree of customizations. Here is some equipment you may need for the best of work experience:

  • entropic mat (pneumatic or hand-pumped, vehicle/trailer mounted or free-standing)
  • hand-held or tripod-based telescopic poles (wireless or hard-wired still camera or video systems) click here for telescopic pole system Image
  • high-level tripods with guy ropes and stabilizers
  • pan and Tilt unit
  • remote-control systems (wireless or hard-wired)
  • camera remote-control software
  • pan and tilt heads for telescopic masts, pTz, remote heads
  • helicopter camera platform: nose and side mounted and gyro balls. gyro-stabilizations
  • rT/rc systems for video and data transmission
  • helium balloons or blimps with/without hand or motorized winches or helium Airships (motorized, tethered or rT/un-tethered)
  • helium recycling units (mobile special gas compressors)
  • flown wire camera systems
  • small helium balloon
  • rail and mini-track camera systems (linear and vertical)
  • specialized still and video cameras
  • uAvѕ & model helicopters for aerial photography
  • vehicle power inverters (12v – 240v)
  • vehicle modifications for mast or other aerial equipment

The widespread importance of aerial photography is too numerous to mention. ranging from commercial, planning of land-uses, surveillance, environmental studies and movie production. Aerial photography for every curious mind with strong penchant for detailed scenes is without doubt a beyond necessary field of exploration.

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How to Record Video with iPhone Like a Pro?


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are Apple’s latest contributions to the smartphone world and joint successors to the iPhone 5S. On the surface, both new models are very similar in terms of specification yet they differ only in screen size and the addition of an optical image stabilization system in the larger Plus model. The latter comes with a 5.5-inch IPS screen and a 1080p full-HD resolution. The screen is also protected by what Apple calls “Ion-strengthened glass”.

Apple’s iOS 8 operating system is powered by the new A8 chipset which offers 25% more power than the A7 predecessor in the iPhone 5S. Hence it opens us to a qualitative and astonishingly innovative technological leap in terms of smartphone camera engineering. It is noteworthy however that just clicking on the record icon may not produce the best of high-quality images. In the new iPhone models, it takes a bit of knowing to make the best out of the videos we shoot with them. Here are some tools and tips on how to record amazing videos with your iPhone-like a pro:

Use Wide-Angle Lens For Great Landscape Captures

Landscape photography just wouldn’t be the same without wide-angle lenses. Superbly suited for the classic “near-far” style of composition, wide-angle lenses give you the ability to include generous amounts of the foreground, background, and sky simultaneously, creating videos with considerable depth and compositional power. While wide-angle lenses don’t work perfectly for all scenes and circumstances, going wide nonetheless greatly expands your creative options.

You should consider wide-angle lenses for effective near-far compositions because of perspective distortion they create. Which causes objects that are closer to the photographer to appear amplified in size compared to more distant objects. It gives extra emphasis to the foreground subject. The lens itself doesn’t cause perspective distortion—rather, it’s the way the lens is used. As the result camera’s position relative to objects in the scene makes them appear larger if close. It will make smaller if farther away (this also makes the scene appear to “open up,” giving the appearance of extended perspective). Since wide-angle lenses are typically used closer to foreground objects than longer lenses, perspective distortion is very apparent, enhancing the appearance of depth in your videos.

Amplify And Focus Audio With Shotgun Microphone

The internal microphone found on every iPhone is great for phone calls and quick voice memos. Unfortunately, when recording a video, this mic is facing to the right or left of the frame, not at your subject (or you, for that matter). To amplify frustration, the quality is not great. It will leave you disappointed if you intend to do any serious filming with your phone. In making the best videos using your phone, the gun microphones are great for pinpointing the exact audio. It can record audio without the problem of audio interference from surrounding ambient noise. Connect its cord with an adapter into your iPhone’s headphone jack. The mic can be manually held using a boom pole. You can also attach it to a boom stand for the best of video shooting experiences.

Take Stabilized Video Shots On The Move With Steadicam

The iPhone Steadicam is a unique piece of mobile hardware attachment that leaves you with incredible video recording experience. As the name implies, Steadicam helps you to eradicate all those warped scenes generated from shaky hands holding the iPhone. It creates balance in your footage removing the unprofessional instability common to amateur video coverages.

Use A Tripod And Record Video Without A Jerk

No matter how steady your hands are, your iPhone is going to have to work pretty hard to stabilize a handheld shot. If you’re editing multiple takes, slight movements can be really distracting. So it’s definitely worth the extra effort to stabilize your shooting with a tripod. Tripod gives your shooting the necessary balance it requires. With its three-legged stand, It eliminates shaky footage and unwanted movement that can reduce the professionalism of your video.


How to Set Up a Home Recording Studio Under $1000

Computer has changed lot of things in our lives. Listening or composing music on computer is really made easy for us. Gone are the days when attempting to record your own songs were more like a nightmare for you. Latest computer technology made it even better to allow home based music recording studios. I am a passionate musician and have already built my home recording studio since 2009. When I started my home recording studio there was not much help or info available for me to properly set up that studio. With the time being, I have learn’t lot of things after wasting much money to improve my recording setup. I am sharing my personal experience and recommendations for you, so you won’t lose much money to get a proper recording studio built for you. Here is list of equipments to get before you set up  your home based recording studio. Contents

Home Recording Studio Equipment

A proper recording studio needs many things, therefore I would rather focus to keep that list small, so it would be really cheap for starters.

  1. Computer
  2. Large Diaphragm Electret Condenser MIC
  3. Headphone
  4. Microphone Stand with Shock Mount
  5. Pop Filter for Microphone
  6. Audio Cables
  7. Audio Interface
  8. Recording Software


1. Build a Computer for Home Recording Purposes

When you talk about computer for recording purposes, I would say that is the really important part of that recording studio and you should not compromise on it. In the past, I used some low profile computers for recording purposes and finally found out that was totally a waste. I would rather suggest you to choose or build a custom computer with the minimum specifications given below.

  • CPU speed 2.4 GHz (atleast core i3 or upwards)
  • RAM should be DDR3 and equal to or larger than 8MB and 1600 BUS speed is recommended
  • HDD should be 500GB or larger (I would prefer SSD instead)
  • Sound Card should be fine whichever you have, we will be using audio interface to get proper results
  • Computer Monitor should be at-least 21 inches large. Most of recording softwares require large screens to use that interface easily

2. Large Diaphragm Electret Condenser Microphone

Did you hear your own voice on your computer with ordinary microphone and compared to the professionally recorded voices in studios? Yes, the bigger difference is made using Large Diaphragm Electret Condenser Microphones.  Those microphones were really costly in the past and still there are lot of brands and models which are so much pricey. Fortunately some companies launched junior models too, which could work well for you. I am going to list down some microphones with good frequency response.

Samson Meteor Mic is my favourite one, since this is a USB microphone and does not require external phantom power. Specially when you use USB microphones, you will get low noise because the audio is converted from analogue to digital and then its transmitted to the computer. So this type of microphones does not produce or pick noise from microphone cables.

3. Headphone for Studio Monitoring Purposes

I am personally not more specific to use some certain headphone for studio recording monitoring. Since we are going to build cheap home recording studio, so I would rather recommend you some low price headphones which will let you hear the sound recorded by you and that sound should be more closer to reality. I personally use this Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones
headphone to monitor my audio recordings, therefore you can surely have your own choice.

4. Microphone Stand with Shock Mount

Microphone & Shock Mount
Microphone & Shock Mount

You would probably put your microphone to a Microphone Stand. A shock mount should be placed on top of that microphone stand. The microphone should be put inside that shock mount. This will make it flexible in a sense that while recording microphone stand vibration will not be recorded and will be skipped. You can surely find those things from amazon or ebay for few bucks.

5. Pop Filter for Microphone

A Pop filter is  fine cloth mesh screen. It is used as a screen to filter out consonant pressure waves. This means when you record your vocals and have high level of words like Shhh! phhhhh! etc, Pop filter will help you there. This filter reduces those voices and sighs from the recording. It also cleanes voice is received through microphone. This is a regular product and you can buy it from amazon or wherever you want.

6. Audio Cables for Home Recording Studio

You surely need some high quality cables to connect to your microphone to audio interface or your computer. Some cables may be used to transfer audio signals from audio interface to the computer. Remember, low quality cables will also make noise themselves as they could pick some radio signals from the air and can make noise out of them.

7. Audio Interface for Recording

If you are going to use your computer as a recording machine, You will probably need an interface which can receive audio signals and convert those signals to digital composite audio. There are lot of devices/interfaces available for that need. Some people use some special sound card inside the computer to use multiple input and high quality audio. Therefore, I rather use some external solution which works well for me. In short audio interfaces make life easy when you are building home recording studio.

8. Recording Software for Studio Recording

When you are ready with your hardware sort of things, its time to install a recording software. It will let you record your audio onto your computer. There is large variety of softwares available to accomplish this task. You should always see if the software, you use is allowing you to edit your audio with ease of few clicks and if that is user friendly. I personally use Garage Band since I am a MAC user. For windows users, I am listing some other softwares which are being used in professional sound recording studios.


Setting up home based recording studio for your personal music creation can be as much cheaper as some passionate musician or singer can build it. Its very nice when you have your own audio recording studio at your home. You can record your own music and upload to social networks. If you are even professional musician or singer, you can take your first mockup at home and if you need, you can go to professional studios for final recording.

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Easiest way to make money online with discount coupon site

Since making money online is becoming harder and harder these days due to huge competition in all niche markets. There is still a way to make easy money online and that niche is still low competitive. The easiest way to make money is possible through discount coupon sites. You can quickly do a discount coupon site even you do not know programming or designing. This site can make you huge money if setup properly and marketed well. We thought to write some tutorial on “Using Magic WP Coupons” to start earning as much quickly as you complete your online setup and basic marketing.

make money online

How Discount Coupon Sites Let You Passive Income?

Discount coupon sites allow its users to get discount coupons for several online stores. Users can use those discount coupon codes to redeem that specific discount for that online store. So there are lot of prospects online searching for “Discount Coupons”. If you somehow provide discount coupons the visitors of your site, they will be getting those available discounts. The questions lies there, what do you get? You will actually get some commission from the discount coupons used on online stores. To explain  this system well,  Lets see the following info.

Example Discount Coupon Site

  1. You have a site online which provides discount coupons for several online stores.
  2. People search and found your site and got some discount coupon for the online store, they were looking for.
  3. When they click  on “Click to Reveal” button on coupon codes, they will be redirected to the store location with your affiliate ID.
  4. People use those coupons to get specific discount on that online store for product sought.
  5. Once, they complete their online purchase, You will get credit for that sale and that store will send you commission on their payment schedule.

Basic Requirements to Start a Discount Coupon Site

If you are ready to start your own discount coupon site to make affiliate money, you need the following things ready before you start making money.

  1. One WordPress site.
  2. Magic WP Coupons plugin to enable discount coupon features on your site.
  3. affiliate account approved.
  4. You are done!

How to use “Magic Wp Coupons” with “Prosperent” API to get coupons?

Using the combination of those two precious things, you can make your discount coupon site automatic or semi-automatic. Magic WP Coupons enables you to convert your simple WordPress site to a fully working coupon site. Magic WP Coupons pulls freshly available discount coupons using API for almost  4500 stores online. You can leverage the power of Prosperent and pull new coupons manually or automatic and publish to your coupon site with few clicks only. Magic WP Coupons does most of the work for you. Let me explain each step to start that affiliate coupon site with Magic WP Coupons.

Step 1: Register Your Domain Name & Web host

Registering domain name for your site is the first step to start working on that affiliate site. You can register your domain name from various online domain registrars. Most of the people preferably use to register their domain names and web hosting. Therefore you can register your domain  name web hosting from where do you want. The good feature in buying domain name and web hosting from is one window operation for your domain name and web hosting. I am going to give you a discount coupon for hostgator so you will get discounted web hosting with free domain name registration.

Hostgator 25% Discount Coupon

Step 2: Setting up WordPress Blog

If you registered your site with then its really easy setup wordpress blog on your domain. There is one tool called “Fantastic Deluxe” inside your web hosting control panel. You can use that tool to install wordpress with couple clicks only.

If you have some other web host, then you need to install wordpress manually. For your help, I am sharing one URL with you to learn, how to install wordpress if you have some other web host.

Step 3: Signup for Affiliate Account at

You need one free affiliate account with It will let you access thousands of discount coupons for around 4500 online stores. You can sign up here to get your affiliate account and API information.

Step 4: Install Magic Coupons

Here is the magic which lets you monetize coupon codes available at Just get Magic WP Coupons plugin. Once you complete your purchase, the coupon plugin will be sent to your via email in zip format. You need to Install that coupon plugin and activate. Here is the basic information about installing and using Magic Wp Coupons plugin. Once you install that plugin, you can setup your prosperent API key to the plugin control panel. You can get that API key if you have access to affiliate account.

What to Do After You Have Your Discount Coupon Site Ready?

Now the discount site would be ready to be marketed and you need to bring prospects or visitors to your discount coupon site. I am giving a brief list of steps to be taken to market your site and bring visitors/prospects to your online web site.

  1. Write high quality articles about “How to get discount for specific online store” and publish those articles to some articles directory with a link back to your discount coupon site.
  2. Participate in online forums where your target audience is present. Help them getting discounts on their desired online store with your forum postings and you need to share your site link surely to let them get discount coupons.
  3. Create small but attractive videos on the topics like ” How to get discount on”. And upload your video to and and insert your website link on top of your video description.
  4. Write blog posts about getting discount methods and link back to your site.
  5. Share your coupons on social sites.
  6. Email Marketing.


You get several ways to generate web site traffic, I am sharing some blog posts from other sites to help you.

Have Some Questions in Mind?

I tried best to explain you the killer money making method, however if you still have some questions in mind, you can ask me those questions in our comments section below.

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