Easiest way to make money online with discount coupon site

Since making money online is becoming harder and harder these days due to huge competition in all niche markets. There is still a way to make easy money online and that niche is still low competitive. The easiest way to make money is possible through discount coupon sites. You can quickly do a discount coupon site even you do not know programming or designing. This site can make you huge money if setup properly and marketed well. We thought to write some tutorial on “Using Magic WP Coupons” to start earning as much quickly as you complete your online setup and basic marketing.

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How Discount Coupon Sites Let You Passive Income?

Discount coupon sites allow its users to get discount coupons for several online stores. Users can use those discount coupon codes to redeem that specific discount for that online store. So there are lot of prospects online searching for “Discount Coupons”. If you somehow provide discount coupons the visitors of your site, they will be getting those available discounts. The questions lies there, what do you get? You will actually get some commission from the discount coupons used on online stores. To explain  this system well,  Lets see the following info.

Example Discount Coupon Site http://snatchbackbucks.com

  1. You have a site online which provides discount coupons for several online stores.
  2. People search and found your site and got some discount coupon for the online store, they were looking for.
  3. When they click  on “Click to Reveal” button on coupon codes, they will be redirected to the store location with your affiliate ID.
  4. People use those coupons to get specific discount on that online store for product sought.
  5. Once, they complete their online purchase, You will get credit for that sale and that store will send you commission on their payment schedule.

Basic Requirements to Start a Discount Coupon Site

If you are ready to start your own discount coupon site to make affiliate money, you need the following things ready before you start making money.

  1. One WordPress site.
  2. Magic WP Coupons plugin to enable discount coupon features on your site.
  3. Prosparent.com affiliate account approved.
  4. You are done!

How to use “Magic Wp Coupons” with “Prosperent” API to get coupons?

Using the combination of those two precious things, you can make your discount coupon site automatic or semi-automatic. Magic WP Coupons enables you to convert your simple WordPress site to a fully working coupon site. Magic WP Coupons pulls freshly available discount coupons using prosperent.com API for almost  4500 stores online. You can leverage the power of Prosperent and pull new coupons manually or automatic and publish to your coupon site with few clicks only. Magic WP Coupons does most of the work for you. Let me explain each step to start that affiliate coupon site with Magic WP Coupons.

Step 1: Register Your Domain Name & Web host

Registering domain name for your site is the first step to start working on that affiliate site. You can register your domain name from various online domain registrars. Most of the people preferably use Hostgator.com to register their domain names and web hosting. Therefore you can register your domain  name web hosting from where do you want. The good feature in buying domain name and web hosting from hostgator.com is one window operation for your domain name and web hosting. I am going to give you a discount coupon for hostgator so you will get discounted web hosting with free domain name registration.

Hostgator 25% Discount Coupon

Step 2: Setting up WordPress Blog

If you registered your site with hostgator.com then its really easy setup wordpress blog on your domain. There is one tool called “Fantastic Deluxe” inside your web hosting control panel. You can use that tool to install wordpress with couple clicks only.

If you have some other web host, then you need to install wordpress manually. For your help, I am sharing one URL with you to learn, how to install wordpress if you have some other web host.

Step 3: Signup for Affiliate Account at Prosperent.com

You need one free affiliate account with prosperent.com. It will let you access thousands of discount coupons for around 4500 online stores. You can sign up here to get your affiliate account and API information.

Step 4: Install Magic Coupons

Here is the magic which lets you monetize coupon codes available at prosperent.com. Just get Magic WP Coupons plugin. Once you complete your purchase, the coupon plugin will be sent to your via email in zip format. You need to Install that coupon plugin and activate. Here is the basic information about installing and using Magic Wp Coupons plugin. Once you install that plugin, you can setup your prosperent API key to the plugin control panel. You can get that API key if you have access to prosperent.com affiliate account.

What to Do After You Have Your Discount Coupon Site Ready?

Now the discount site would be ready to be marketed and you need to bring prospects or visitors to your discount coupon site. I am giving a brief list of steps to be taken to market your site and bring visitors/prospects to your online web site.

  1. Write high quality articles about “How to get discount for specific online store” and publish those articles to some articles directory with a link back to your discount coupon site.
  2. Participate in online forums where your target audience is present. Help them getting discounts on their desired online store with your forum postings and you need to share your site link surely to let them get discount coupons.
  3. Create small but attractive videos on the topics like ” How to get discount on wallmart.com?”. And upload your video to YouTube.com and and insert your website link on top of your video description.
  4. Write blog posts about getting discount methods and link back to your site.
  5. Share your coupons on social sites.
  6. Email Marketing.


You get several ways to generate web site traffic, I am sharing some blog posts from other sites to help you.

Have Some Questions in Mind?

I tried best to explain you the killer money making method, however if you still have some questions in mind, you can ask me those questions in our comments section below.

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How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been toying on the idea of becoming an affiliate marketer, you probably know how much the big players are earning these days. A lot of them are making 6 to 7 figures a year, or even more.

But while making tens of thousands of dollars each month is nice, you have to be realistic. There’s a 1 in 1,000,000 chance you will make that much after just a month of getting started and anyone who’s telling you otherwise is either trying to sell you an eBook about affiliate marketing or just want to make a fool out of himself.

Affiliate marketing types and performance based business rewards

Setting Realistic Expectations

The truth of the matter is, starting a career as an Affiliate Marketer is not easy. It’s a lot of hard work. So, you must be physically, emotionally and mentally ready for failures and frustrations. When you’re prepared, you’ll be more capable to face difficulties as they come.

So, let’s just get one thing straight here. You’re not going to become a millionaire overnight. It will take time to build your website/s, get them to rank on search engines like Google and increase your traffic volume. As you know, your traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without visitors going to your website, no one will buy the products/services you are marketing. No sales equals no commission.

Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is essentially a cost-effective way for companies to increase awareness of their brand and sell their products. It’s sort of a referral system and the affiliate marketer makes money every time someone they refer buys the product or service of the merchant.

So, for example, you have a website that contains reviews of lawn mowers. One of your website visitors, whom we shall call Customer X, reads a particular review about a lawn mower called Magic Lawn Mower 21K. If Customer X likes the information you’ve provided in your review and is convinced it’s the best lawn mower for him, he clicks on the BUY NOW button on the review page and is then led to an Amazon page for Magic Lawn Mower 21K. When he buys the product, you get a commission. That’s how affiliate marketing works.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are many affiliate marketing programs online nowadays however they’re not created equal. You have to weigh your options carefully to ensure you are signed up with the best program for you.

1. LinkShare

This program has 10 million partnerships with over 2,500 affiliate programs that you can choose from.

2. Amazon Associates

The world’s biggest online retail website Amazon gives affiliate marketers a great way to make money online with the vast array of products they sell.

3. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

This AF marketing provider caters to the top 1,000 e-retailers in the country and operates globally.

4. ShareASale

This Chicago based company has close to 3,000 merchant programs and they’ve received impressive ratings for their customer service, prompt payouts and security.

5. ClixGalore

This Australian based PPA affiliate network offers Pay Per Impression, Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Lead, and Pay Per Click programs.

Finally, with affiliate marketing, you have to pick niches/subjects that appeal to you and something that you’re knowledgeable with. One of the essential components to your success in this kind of work is to have credibility because when your website visitors trust you, it’s much easier to convince them to buy a particular product or service.

via How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

tricks of affiliate marketing

A popular definition of affiliate marketing is 

“Affiliate marketing is a relationship between a merchant and a publisher. Merchant who allows you to link to that business. When a visitor clicks on the link at your site and subsequently makes a purchase from the merchant, you receive a commission based on the amount of the sale, a referral fee or a pay-for-click fee”

So what is affiliate marketing? 


Publisher is called affiliate. You, the affiliate, through your website, drive traffic to a merchant’s site

The merchant may be selling a product eg DVDs or e books, or they may be trying to sign on clients eg a bank.

The merchant pays you a commission once the visitor has completed the desired action eg bought a product or completed a registration form. This commission attracts people towards affiliate marketing

The merchant knows that the visitor is from you because you link to the merchant’s site through a special affiliate link. This link is unique to you and you alone. This link is also called affiliate marketing link

Other affiliates will have there own special affiliate link which is different from yours.

Although different persons doing affiliate marketing for the same product have different, unique affiliate links, all these links point to the same website, the merchant’s website.

The affiliate aims simply to drive as much targetted traffic as possible to his/her own unique affiliate link

The beauty of

affiliate marketing

, once your site is up and running, you can continue to earn money from it whether you are in bed, on holiday or sleeping.

This is called passive income.

It is passive because after the initial effort of researching your chosen market, building a website and setting up your campaign, you can continue to earn from this with very minimal day to day input in your campaign.
To learn more about affiliate marketing in detail click here